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D.N.A. - David Noble, Alien download book

D.N.A. - David Noble, Alien by Jami Lynn Saunders

D.N.A. - David Noble, Alien
Author: Jami Lynn Saunders
Page Count: 96 pages
Published Date: 25 May 2012
Publisher: 711 Press
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781936307197
File Name: D.N.A..-.David.Noble,.Alien.pdf
Download Link: D.N.A. - David Noble, Alien

711 Press is a company with a unique twist on publishing: we release "Movies & TV in Book Form." Read our thrilling, cinematic titles in the time it takes you to watch a movie or TV show. D.N.A. is a sci-fi entry in our Movie Book line. APPROX. READ TIME: 90 MINUTES About the Movie Book: Teen recluse David Noble is suddenly plagued by nightmares of alien abduction, and it doesn't take long before he realizes that some dreams do come true. David is genetically altered and is soon bonded to a being from a distant galaxy, and this allows him to tap into ancient knowledge that is now hidden in his subconscious; knowledge that allows him to devise a way to help his ancestor from another planet escape the horrors of dissection and examination by the US government and return home. Not only must David build a device required for interdimensional travel, he must also deal with the death of his father and elude a secret society of government agents without being killed. Now half alien, only David Noble holds the key to freeing his ancestor, who's sole purpose in coming to Earth was to present David with the means to prevent humans from destroying their planet.

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